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Placemats ready for Colouring !

Colouring is the perfect way for a child to express their blooming creativity and have lots of colourful fun. That’s why WeColor is the perfect gift for kids, parents, teachers and daycare providers. WeColor is a wrinkle-free and completely washable to be used over and over again, which makes it very economical. Colouring Placemat that lets kids colour anytime and anywhere without leaving a mess. Its designed for specialty Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers that bring imagination to life with full, vivid colours and make cleanup time an absolute breeze!

The Placemats

Washable, Can be Used Over and Over again
Use Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers
Colouring can be Educational and Therapy
A Fun Way to Colour with Friends
Comes in Different Designs
Colouring Before Dinner
At the airport, picnic
Great for schools and daycare
For Birthday Parties
Unique Souvenir, Ottawa | Toronto | Halifax
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