Colour & Colouring


What is Colour:

Colour is light and energy, which affect us, adults and children. We express our emotion through colours, it is a sensation that adds excitement and emotion to our lives.
Colours influence mood, clam the nervous system and make the environments less provoking and peace.

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Colouring is an important educational tools also providing fun and low-cost ways to relax. It's children favourite pastime, it sparks their imagination and gives them and opportunity to express themselves. Kids can reap those same benefit and more. Colouring help kids improve fine motor skills. They also train the Brian to focus.

Benefits of Colouring:

Improve Handwriting:

Hand strength which will eliminate the possibility of incorrect pencil grasp.

Hand and Eye Coordination:

Colouring require kids to colour within specific area which helps to develop the hand and eye coordination.

Relaxation and Patience:

Helping them the patience skills, while creating a piece of art.


Kids spend their time colouring have better concentrations and focus skills.


Helping them to recognize shapes, things and colour names.


Completing colouring picture gives them a sense of accomplishment, which builds their self esteem and confidence.

Moto Skills:

Colouring can improve motor skills in kids, as it helps to develop and strengthen the hand, wrist and fingers muscles.

Stimulate Creativity:

Colouring is an excellent medium of expression, by using different colour combinations to make the dull image, shape appear more vibrant.


Colouring can give you an idea about your kid character at early stages as kids express their personality through colouring.

Colour Recogntion:

Kids will learn the difference between colours, which will give them also the chance to explore new colour combination to get a new one.


It helps kids vent their feelings, frustrations and other emotions through coloring.


It helps the kids to have a proper grip and control over the colouring pen, as it is important to have a proper grip for writing.

Language Development:

It give the kids the opportunity to learn new words and sentences.


It help them greatly to talk and have fun with other kids by allowing them to be more social, friendly and cooperative.


It allow you and your kid to have a quality time together.

"Colors speek louder than words"

Children tend to love bright and vibrant colors more than pastels or muted blends, and their most favourite colors are: Red, Yellow and Blue. And secondary colors are: Green, Orange and Purple.

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Some colors and their effect on children:


Enhances creativity and stimulate a cool and relaxing environment.


Color of love and help in detail oriented or repetitive tasks.


Color of happiness, it stimulate intelligence.


A relaxing color and contribute to better health in kids.


Calming Color. It can lower heart rate.


This color ideal for children as it is attention grabbing.


It enhances critical thinking and memory.

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