The Fabric

Wash and re-use over and over again!

The Fabric, EXCLUSIVELY made for WeColor. 100% Polyester Washable Fabric to be used with Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers. UNLESS you do not wish to re-use it, you may use permanent markers, after colouring you can wash it and keep it ready for next time.

The Fabric is Smooth and Wrinkle Free, Easy to Colour On, Easy to Wash. It is uniquely crafted with a Laminated Backing to protect surfaces " tables, kitchen Island, desks, carpets, floors and restaurant table" etc…

We have carefully studied the Placemat size, it is a bit larger than standard size " large enough to give more space, small enough to be handled and carried around". It can be shared by two, and/or your kid would have enough space for the plate to colour while eating.


Colour Markers to USE

Use Crayola Washable Colour Markers OR the NEW, improved Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, which they are formulated to provide brilliant colour and easily washes off. UNLESS you do not wish to re-use it, you may use permanent markers or crayons.

Laundry Instructions

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Machine Wash | Cold Water
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Tumble Dry on Low
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No Iron
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No Bleach